About Us


Here at Little Phoenix Photography, we specialize in lifestyle photography for families in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding communities.  We love to capture babies and kids in natural, candid settings, so we don't do any studio work at this time.  We've been taking photos for over 7 years and previous clients include the Boys & Girls Club, TuneBugz, a leading travel website, and dozens of Austin individuals, families, and small businesses.  

Meet our team!

Alfy:  Alfy is the Lead Photographer.  A creative spirit at heart, Alfy grew up sketching and drawing.  He loves to take capture  special moments on camera.  He's great with kids, and previous work experience includes the Boys & Girls Club.  His interest in family photography started when he had his baby girl, Arya.  In his spare time, Alfy enjoys spending time with his family and his german shepherd, Mazzy.  Alfy grew up in Okinawa, Japan, and speaks fluent Japanese. 

Emily:  Emily is the behind-the-scenes, customer-service ninja.  You'll be coordinating with her on details like location, dates for your shoot, what to expect, and more!  Emily co-founded a leading travel blog ~8 years ago.  In her spare time, Emily loves cooking and planning the family's next travels.  She is also conversationally fluent in Spanish!

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